A lot of girls will probably come and go in your life but no one’s ever going to miss you how I miss you right now and no one’s ever going to to love you the way I do.

The girl with pink hair in the Thirty Seconds To Mars video ‘Do Or Die’ does anyone who that is?!

Your indifference makes me feel pathetic.

He is my soul mate but I’m not his.

2014, June 9

86 days. 5 more days and it’s going to be 3 months exactly;It’s 6:21 A.M and I’m wide awake missing you like crazy. I know I shouldn’t but I miss you like you’re still mine. I even miss you in my dreams. I miss you even though I’m hurt by what you did (LIKE WHY?). I miss you even though I know you don’t care. I miss you but I’m supposed to be mad at you. I miss you to the point where I want to peel my skin off and hurt myself. But I won’t hurt myself. I can’t. I miss you even though I know you don’t miss me.

It’s pathetic.

I’m sorry.

How do you do it? Act like it didn’t mean a thing? Act like it doesn’t matter and never did?

Teach me.

Anonymous: Why are you suffering? What causes you so much pain, darling?

It doesn’t matter honestly. Who are you?! :)

He doesn’t care.


I only have the ability to push the self destruct ‘button’

No one can do it for me.

Tired of keeping things to myself hence I came back to this blog but then again this isn’t going to help me either ?

One whole year of frustration inside me. One whole year of suffering. What do I write ? And where do I start ?

I had a few people I could share my issues with. There was this one person though, who I could tell everything to but after that person stopped caring and when I realized that she also had stopped ‘listening’ I was so demoralized. I became so weak and dejected…The situation was agonizing. I couldn’t accept it, I mean.. If she didn’t have the time to listen anymore or care anymore what could I possibly expect from others? 


And that was that. I think that was third, not to mention my last ‘heartbreak’ and… I died. 

I don’t blame her. She too is a human being, she got busy with things, she found new people/friends. Better ones… I guess. 

Now, I’m just at a point in my life where even when people ARE willing to listen I can’t share ‘cause I think whatever happened before will happen again ?

I don’t … think it will happen again. I know it will. 

That’s how it’s always been, isn’t it ?

She said, ‘if I can’t love myself how can I possibly love someone else?’